Chateau OKOLIČNÉ – historical building in Liptovský Mikuláš

The building has undergone reconstructions in various historical periods from the 17th century to the present and is registered as a national cultural monument in the General List of Monuments. The building of the chateau with four above-ground and one underground floors also includes the maintained park with area of 15,261 m2 with valuable woods and a building for caretaker.


The building is located in the heart of Liptov region, on a flat, fenced and maintained land in a touristy area with excellent transport accessibility.

Region: Liptovský Mikuláš
Distance from Bratislava: 289km Distance from Žilina: 90km
Floor area of main building:
Usable floor area: 2 173 m2
Built-up area: 1385m2
Total area of lands: 15 261m2

The current chateau is a block building of rectangular floorplan, with two full-usable storeys and a loft with mansard roof, a large part of the building is underground. On all four corners of the first floor, there are the cylindrical bay windows with rectangular wooden windows on the ground floor and stone chambranles with a strip, a profiled upper and lower window cornice on the first floor.

The center of the building consists of a renaissance hall, from which are accessible the rooms on the ground floor and upper floors through staircase. The rooms in the ground floor are vaulted with barrel vaults with lunettes and profiled stucco combs. On the vaults are placed combed stucco frames in the form of mirror. On the first and second floor, there are flat ceilings. All the plasters in the building are new after renovation, including insulation and installation.

The building is built on rock foundations, without signs of ground moisture after complete reconstruction with application of peripheral insulation.
Vertical load bearing constructions are made of massive sandstone stone masonry with thickness 75 -110 cm, in the underground floor and on the ground floor, there is original vaulted ceiling construction repaired in 1984, ceiling constructions above the second floor are made of steel rolled “I” beams and wide bent steel profiles with perlite concrete, ceiling construction above the third floor is made of steel beams with ceramic inserts HURDIS, the wooden beam ceiling in one room on the third floor is decorated.

The roof is of simple hip type with roofing of copper sheet, the staircase is made of reinforced concrete currently covered with a cement screed. All floors are interconnected by an elevator shaft. Basement is divided into three interconnected rooms and can serve as a restaurant area.

New wooden windows with double vacuum glazing and metal entrance doors. The interior doors are not completed. The floors in the building are not currently finished except for new ceramic floor tiling in 18 bathrooms in the accommodation area of the 2nd and 3rd floor. The bathrooms in the accommodation area are lined with ceramic wall tiling, equipped with steel white baths and lined with new ceramic gres wall tiling. Sanitary rooms on the 1st floor, including kitchen rooms are not equipped.

The building has central hot-water heating through steel panel radiators. The source of heating and hot utility water is not completed. Light and motoric electrical installation with fuses. All living spaces are equipped with new low-voltage cabling to regulate the heating of individual rooms from central point, Internet connection and TV cable distribution. The building has functional lightning conductors and copper sheet metal constructions. Chimneys have undergone reconstruction and are equipped with a stainless steel insert.

Lime smooth exterior plaster, at the height of the ground floor with a remediation core, interior smooth plasters, on the 2nd and 3rd floor with thermoinsulating core with thickness 30 mm.

Terraced semi-detached houses, Stupava – Pod Kopcami Street

7 terraced family houses with 14 apartment units, each one with own garden, parking slots for 2 cars and visitors as well, in a pleasant environment of new residential zone in Stupava.

We offer you modern living, designed not only for young families. 4-room apartment – duplex in a villa house offers comfort and quality in modern and practically solved two-storey houses integrated into a harmonious unit of 7 semi-detached houses that naturally fit in a beautiful environment at the foot of the Little Carpathians.

The civic amenities are at high level in Stupava. There is a kindergarten, primary school, art school, stores, market, restaurants, banks, pharmacy, health center, post office, sports facilities (football, tennis, volleyball), children’s playgrounds, pedestrian zone, pleasant sitting in a natural environment.

Attractive project in excellent location

For favorable prices, you get comfortable housing in a new residential project with easy transport access, with the possibility of relaxation right at your fingertips – a unique combination for a really high quality living.
Kvalita bývania

Not only a building built of traditional quality materials, but also the surrounding environment and comprehensive civic amenities in the vicinity are the basis of the real quality of housing.

Duplex apartment units, each one with two own parking slots, fenced garden are integrated in the form of two neighboring terraced family houses into the one harmonious unit that naturally fit in the environment. From construction and acoustic point of view, the units are separated until the top of the roof. Each 4-room house has own fenced land with area of 206-275 m2.

The apartment unit is offered as a pure house of traditional quality materials (burnt brick, tiles) with floor heating with its own gas boiler and hot water heating, with triple glazing, insulation of the building, complete electrical installation including preparation for outdoor garden appliances, paved access and parking areas , connecting to all ISs, etc.

Besides the modern concept of above-standard and practically solved housing units in the townhouses, the project fulfills the highest requirements for modern housing thanks to newly built access roads and completely new engineering networks (sewerage and rainwater sewerage, gas, electricity, water supply, optical telecommunication connection, public lighting)

The Housing Unit will be at the time of the conclusion of the HOLOBYT Purchase Contract with the following layout: Object of a regular square shape, two-storey, without basement, with a residential full attic (150 cm sloping). The main entrance to the building is from the north side. A wardrobe with integrated boiler and a separate toilet is accessible from the entrance hall. The main day part of the family house living room with a dining room is designed in the southern part with the exit to the terrace. The ground floor is complemented by a separate kitchen. On the first floor are three large separate rooms, a corridor with a wardrobe, a large bathroom and a toilet.

The civic amenities of Stupava are high. There is a kindergarten, elementary school, art school, shops, market, restaurants, banks, pharmacy, health center, post office, sports facilities (football, tennis, volleyball), children’s playgrounds, pedestrian zone, pleasant sitting in a natural environment.



The environment is a combination of living quality in a beautiful environment with the availability of city services nearby. Nature lovers, tourists and cyclists will be able to enjoy cycling trails from Stupava through the Morava River to Austria, the Carpathians or Bratislava, the immediate vicinity of forests offers year-round trips to the surrounding area.



Smooth accessibility by car. You are in the center of Bratislava in 15 minutes via highway. This is why Stupava keeps an extraordinaly attractive position compared to other locations.

To reserve your chosen apartment you will have to pay € 5000, the remaining part of the purchase price of the property will be paid after the building approval.
Completion of construction:

Town villas, Na Vyhliadke Street – 2.phase

Exclusive terraced town villas with 3 detached houses within one building with own garden in an outstanding environment near the forest in Stupava, in a new location in the street Na Vyhliadke.

Each detached family house with living spaces oriented to the south available as an unfurnished space or with the possibility of full completion in standard of traditional high-quality materials (fired bricks, roof tiles) with in-floor heating in the whole living space with own gas boiler and water floorheating, windows and doors made of modern composite materials, acoustic  walls for high acoustic comfort, thermal insulation of the building (12 cm) for all-year-round stable thermal comfort , electric installation including preparation for outdoor garden appliances, paved access and parking area, connection to all utility supplies.

Detached houses are separated from each other up to the level of the roof, whereby the housing unit, in addition to the basic utility area, has a generous storage space under the roof, accessible to the 1st storey as well as a closed chamber in the space below the staircase.

Total floor area of family house without terrace is 90,73 m2; paved floor area of terrace is 15,20 m2; total area 105,93 m2.

Standards of house – villa house – Traditional materials in good quality for fair prices

At the time of concluding a Purchase Contract, the family house will be UNFURNISHED with the possibility of standard completion with following elements:


  • shallow strip foundations of plain concrete, width 500 mm
  • blinding concrete 150 mm, compacted gravel hardcore 100 mm
  • waterproofing bitumen membrane insulation, assembled on blinding concrete with penetrating coating

Load bearing walls:

  • outdoor load bearing masonry walls of bricks PROFIBLOK, thickness 300 mm

Ceiling construction:

  • above the ground floor, monolithic reinforced concrete slab, thickness 160 mm
  • above the first floor, wooden construction with suspended gypsum plasterboard ceiling + thermal insulation ISOVER 2×100 mm
  • vyvedenie kanalizácie je riešené do obecnej kanalizačnej siete


  • adhesively bonded timber truss
  • roofing TERRAN Danubia CS with waterproof insulation


  • monolithic reinforced concrete
  • L-shaped slab with concrete staircase steps
  • Exterior wall finishes
  • exterior polystyrene thermal insulation, thickness 120 and 140 mm
  • facade silicone plaster, thickness 1,5 mm

Interior wall finishes:

  • lime plaster with white coating

Windows, doors and sills:

  • windows and doors in outdoor walls are designed of KBE-70 (system with closed steel profiles, in the doors is assembled metal profile with thickness 3 mm) with ROTO-NT fittings
  • thermal-insulating clear triple glazing
  • exterior aluminium window sill in the color of windows, indoor window sill of white color
  • thermal-insulated preparation for embedded blind boxes for all windows + cabling

Wall and floor tiling:

  • ceramic wall and floor tiling is not included in the scope


  • hot-water in-floor heating of plastic-aluminium pipes
  • separate gas condensating boiler with integrated tank for hot utility water heating

Water installation and sanitary equipment:

  • hot and cold water installation, thermally insulated
  • installed flush cisterns for hanging toilet (GEBERIT)
  • the building is connected to the public water supply DN32 through common water meter shaft, where a separate water meter for the house is installed.

Sewage system:

  • plastic sewage pipes PVC DN 160, installed in wall chasing and under floor
  • sewage output is connected to the public sewage system

Gas installation:

  • gas connections DN25 installed to the boundary of individual lands for houses
  • gas meters installed in the boxes

Electrical installation:

  • complete electrical installation, including switches, sockets, home switchgear, phone, TV and lighting conductor.
  • Installed under plaster, or in the floor. Supply is solved by connecting to the existing connection through underground cabling and cabinet with the termination in the switchgear, which is installed in the fence from the side of street.
  • separate electricity meter for each apartment unit
  • electrical connection point to washing machine, electric oven and range hood
  • tube preparation for fixed phone line + 1x phone socket
  • tube preparation for TV + 1x TV socket in living room + tube preparation for cabling from the roof
  • home bell, socket on the terrace


  • Chain link fencing of the land – plastic-covered galvanized steel, dark green color
  • Surface layer of outdoor areas (terrace, parking area): block paving, or concrete blocks, grey color
  • Land shaping works in the scope of land alignment to the height of 20 cm below the groundfloor level of the building
  • Separate electricity meter, gas meter and water meter for each apartment unit
  • Mailboxes
  • Central point for rubbish bins
  • Reserved common parking slots for visitors beyond the number of own parking slots
  • Possibility of standard turnkey house at preferential conditions

The subject of Family House does not include floors, floor tiling, interior doors, door frames, wall tiling, sanitary equipment, lights, kitchenboard, furnishing, etc.