Gas pipeline with connections

Informácie o projekte

  • Realizácia

    október 2009 - máj, 2010

  • Kategória


  • Locality

    Stupava, ulica Na vyhliadke

The project deals with the gasification for new residential zone on the eastern border of Stupava, in the district of Kremenica on the hill near the forest, for individual construction of family houses in 28 lands.

  • Gas pipeline with connections
  • Gas pipeline PE 100, D90×5,2 SDR 17,6
  • Gas pipeline D90, length – 460,3m
  • Gas connections   PE D 32, SDR 11 – 35 pcs
  • Fine sand bed with thickness 0,3 m
  • Pipe installed with tracer wire according to the standard STN 347420, PVC-insulated wire of CY type with minimum cross-section 4,0 mm2