Your expert in construction management

Our main mission is to provide a full scope project and construction management.

We focus on infrastructure projects, zone preparation, civil engineering, residential projects and full scope preparation of industrial parks.

Throughout the whole project from acquisition of land or property, project preparation, full scope control up to the final acceptance, we effectively manage and control:

  • architects + designers
  • general contractors, contractors and subcontractors
  • real estate agents and advisors
  • building operators and facility managers
  • relations with state authorities of government bodies

Our primary goal is full satisfaction of our client´s needs.

We provide our services with respect and try to do our best to keep the position of trust in project management futher on...


BAUPOINT, s.r.o., Mokrohájska cesta 10 Forestpark 841 04 Bratislava, Slovak republic
TEL: +421 2 2040 0711
GSM:+421 905 61 81 49


BAUPOINT® Ltd. is the company acting in the Slovak real estate market since 2003. The subject of our work is mainly the construction of infrastructure and residential buildings, such as family houses, terraced houses and apartment buildings. Thanks to perfect knowledge of local environment and long-year experiences, we provide our investors with stable raise of their funds.

We create real values

We provide complete service through individual and professional approach to customer needs and partners of our company. We will build for you a turnkey family house, but also a complete residential zone from the acquisition of land, through engineering and construction to final acceptance, transfer of ownership rights and handover of real estate to the end client.

Reliable partner

Cooperation with BAUPOINT® offers you a reliable partner with a strong financial background that can responsibly assess the material, organizational, time and cost structure of the project. We help help you to find economically and technically optimal solutions, review project documentation, meet your requirements and eliminate risks.

We provide assurance

We provide you with assurance thanks to our professional experience, comprehensive knowledge of the environment and stable relations with our partners and contractors. Our relation with the client is based not only on a balanced contract, but especially on trust, which is the basis of our growth and success. We believe you will also become our satisfied customer.

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Responsibility for deadlines

We know that housing is not only a basic human need, but also the greatest and best investment in life, and therefore we always try to realize your housing ideas on time under concluded agreements.

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Quality in details

The quality of delivered work is the basis for long-term customer satisfaction and the future prerequisite for the use of our products and services without any worries and additional repair costs.

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Professionality and efficiency

Professionality and efficiency in every decision means comfort for the client in the process of designing a project solution and significant economic savings both in the process of creating a product and its future operation.

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Affordable solutions

The affordability of our solutions will not only allow you to find the ideal solution that suits your capabilities, but to achieve the desired goal in real time without any additional risks.